About me

Hello! My name is Guilherme Teixeira. I'm a front-end developer and an undergraduate Linguistics student.

I've made my first steps into software development in 2017 when I started learning Python in the college. Less than one year later, I was already working as a Python software development intern. After that I took the opportunity to work as a computational linguist (NLP) intern. In 2020, I accepted the challenge of starting over.

Currently I am a front-end developer at Printi, the biggest online printing company in Brazil. I'm constantly improving my knowledge about JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, as well as ReactJS, NextJS and GatsbyJS.

As a college student, my topics of interest are theoretical linguistics, mainly Generative Syntax, Formal Semantics, Epistemology, Analytic Philosophy, and Language Acquisition.

I love computers, Progressive Metal, rollerblades, and Basketball since I was a kid. I also enjoy reading about science fiction, fantasy, and philosophy. When I grew older, I've found out that I also love science and grammar, so I decided to join a bachelor degree called Linguistics, which is the field of study that has language as its main scientific object.

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